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Step-by-step, Algebrator has made algebra as easy as memorizing the multiplication tables! It is just impossible that I would be doing so well academically, and feel so confident about myself, if not for this program! It changed my life!
Jacob Matheson, FL

I do not have any issues. I just wanted to let you know that I am glad I purchased your product. I also appreciate the updates as they not only make for a better looking product, but things seem to be more user friendly now.
Adam Botts, FL

Every time I tried to do my algebra homework it took hours for me to finish it. But now with the Algebrator I learn and complete my homework faster.
Merv Hass, PA

My twins needed help with algebra equations, but I did not have the knowledge to help them. Rather then spending a lot of money on a math tutor, I found a program that does the same thing. My twins are no longer struggling with math. Thank you for creating a product that helps so many people.
Troy Nelson, CA

I am a 9th grade student and always wondered how some students always got good marks in mathematics but could never imagine that Ill be one of them. Hats off to Algebrator! Now I have a firm grasp over algebra and my approach to problem solving is more methodical.
Jessica Short, NJ

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