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Learning algebra on a computer may not seem like the appropriate way, but this software is so easy even a sixth-grader can learn algebra.
William Marks, OH

When kids who have struggled their entire lives with math, start showing off the step-by-step ability to solve complex algebraic equations, and smile while doing so, it reminds me why I became a teacher in the first place!
G.O., Kansas

I am so far quite pleased with the program
Marsha Stonewich, TX

You've been extremely patient and helpful. I'm a "late bloomer" in the college scene, and attempting math classes online are quite challenging to say the least! Thank you!
Margaret Thomas, NY

Thank you! I was having problems understanding exponential expressions, when my friend told me about the Algebrator Software. I can't believe how easy the software made it for me to understand how each step is preformed.
Debra Ratto, CO

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